Another year with new memories.

This year I recovered from heartbreak, learned I really enjoy doing freelance makeup, didn’t get a job, had a Disneyland/Six Flags/and Universals Studios annual pass, witnessed crazy riots after Trump won presidency, loved myself even more, gained more new friends as well as strengthened my current friendships, cut ties with toxic people, rented my first apartment, became a direct for Urban Dance Company, and ended the new year with my wonderful, large, crazy, funny family in the happiest place on earth.

I learned I am stronger and more independent than I thought and I’m so lucky to be blessed with my loving parents, siblings, and friends that a lot of people are not fortunate to have. I learned that I don’t need a significant other to make me happy and am better than pining after guys or belittling myself. I learned I have a lot to love and a lot of reasons to always smile.

I’m ready to take on 2017 and use it to become an even better me. And though L’s are unavoidable, the many W’s I know God will bring make me super excited 😊 

I also saw Moana 4 times, listened to the soundtrack a billion times, and ate great food so I think it was a pretty successful year 😬